Good Growth Capital 

VC funds for affinity groups to support early stage investing.


We back ambitious founders who are creating companies that will improve the lives of others.

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Our Invesments

Almost all economic growth in the US is caused by capital investments in technology innovation; without it growth stagnates around 2%.

Universities and Research Institutes

With strong entrepreneurial programs that strive to maintain innovation leadership by providing capital investment. 


Entrepreneurs in Geographically Challenged Areas

Geographic regions that lie outside of the current VC hotspots.


Non-profit Accelerators & Incubators 

Many can be well served by an external fund to support the growth of their start ups. 


Complex Technology & Science Start-ups

Market areas that are difficult to understand and require specific scientific, technology transfer, or executive expertise. 


We work with a variety of markets that can be capital challenged, but idea rich



Trends show the need for capital support to reach further than metro areas. Capital investment should reach everyone with a good idea.